Embroidery and marker on School of the Art Institute of Chicago Residence Life couch

Justin Chance
1993 New York, NY/ Valley Stream, NY 

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
(2015 ) BA in Visual & Critical Studies
(2015) BFA  

Solo Exhibitions
Live, Tara Downs, New York, NY
Station, Tuesday, Richmond VA  
Low-Life, Smart Objects, Los Angeles CA
Long Distance, Smart Objects, Los Angeles CA

Two Person Exhibitions  
Winter (with Sylvie Hayes-Wallace), Hesse Flatow, New York NY 
Hangout (with The People of New York), D.D.D.D. Pictures, New York NY 
Social (with David Sprecher), Apparatus Projects, Chicago IL
On Grist and Sunstroke (with Kim Farkas), Downs & Ross at Conceptual Fine Arts, Milan IT
Better (with Hunter Foster), Gern en Regalia, New York NY
Half Past (with Opal Mae Ong) Three Four Three Four, Brooklyn NY
Motherfield (with Hunter Foster), May 2000, Chicago IL 

Group Exhibitions/Screenings 
JUNK IS NO GOOD BABY, Silke Lindner, New York NY 
In My Mold, Galerie Anton Janizewski, Berlin DE (curated by Miriam Bettin) 
Elective Affinities, Chapter, New York NY 
And Still No Rain, Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto CA, (curated by Madeleine Taurins and Melanie Scheiner) 
The Grid and the Curve, JTT, New York NY
Material Knowledge, Arsenal Contemporary, New York NY
Kilómetro Cero, General Expenses, Mexico City MX
Lingua Franca, Kapp Kapp, New York NY
Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan, and Derelict, Art Lot, Brooklyn NY (curated by Jacob Jackmauh and Lina McGinn)
The Scripts Found in a Bottle, Found in a Can, Found in a Discourse,
Green Gallery, Milwaukee WI (curated by Matt Morris)
Serendipity Trail, Bad Water, Knoxville TN

Sundae, mcg21xoxo, Matsudo, JP (screening)  
Bog Morals, Chris Andrews, Montreal CA
Transmission, Underdonk, Brooklyn NY
Proximity, Wilding Cran, Los Angeles CA (co-curated by Lindsay Preston Zappas)
“Some say the soul is made of wind”, Downs & Ross (Reade Street), New York NY
Latent Memory; Dust on My Tongue, Miriam, Brooklyn NY
An Epithet, or that which lingers after death, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago IL
Remnant, Artifact, Flow, Thierry Goldberg, New York NY (curated by Leah Newman)

This Tragedy, Fonda, Leipzig DE

Training Day: Howardena Pindell, Devin Kenny, Justin Chance, Housing, Miami Florida (screening)
Mal, James River Park, Richmond Virginia (organized by Underground Flower, supported by The Sunroom)
Materia Prima, Gern en Regalia, New York NY
F.A.B.U., Shoot the Lobster, New York NY
Charade, Lock Up International, London UK (organized by Ginny Projects)
Group Show, Grand Buffet & Pulvers Glass, (organized by Baba Yaga Gallery, Scott Keightley)

"Only Once and Many More: Mary Lee Bendolph, Justin Chance, Beverly Semmes" Brooklyn NY (curated by Jenni Crain)
'Kelly Lloyd: Up like the sun, down like a Pancake", Institute of Contemporary Art Baltimore, Baltimore MD
Sticks and Stones, Smart Objects, Los Angeles CA (curated by Chadwick Gibson and Cheyenne Julien)

2019 - ∞ 
The Collaborative Center for Storm, Space and Seismic Research

rehearsal: Natural Dye Presentation, Amagansett, NY
'ECLIPSING', Group Exhibition, Arts Incubator, Chicago IL*
"Jomo Cheatham: Reparations for Interruptions", ADDS Donna*  Chicago IL
*co-curated with Amina Ross

Grants / Awards / Fellowship
Bell Cultural Foundation Emerging Artist Grant

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

World Less Traveled Grant (for independent research in Trinidad & Tobago) 

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship

George Roeder Visual Critical Studies Departmental Award

Ox-Bow School of Art Merit Scholarship – Ox-Bow School of Art

Presidential Scholarship – School of the Art Institute of Chicago