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March 16  - April 19, 2024 

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November 24 - January 20, 2024 

Single Camera (Station)
Exhibition footage of Station at Tuesday in Richmond, VA. July 2021
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In the nineties and early 2000s, everyone had their own remote control: the doctors, the lawyers, the teachers, their students, everyone. And when it lost power or you lost it, or the batteries were swapped out for something else: a game boy, a Walkman, some other device etc., it was hardship. You had to get uncomfortable. You had to get up, you had to change the station by hand: raising or lowering the volume with physical force, touching the apparatus with the skin of your own fingertips. It was obscene and it was archaic; above all it was perverse. So much so that some people avoided the action entirely and waited. And waited, and waited. And waited. Either for someone else to make the change, for the thing they wanted to change to do it by itself, or for the part deep down inside that found the prospect of making their control less remote, both unfathomable and wrong, to change within themselves.

*Video footage by Chlo Finley**

Video World Premier: Monday July 12, 2021 - 8pm EST (with limited commercial)    

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Station (Second Act)


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