Orginally Produced and funded by INTERNS (a digital residency) SVAK is a 7 part Norwegian language web-drama, written, edited, and directed by the artist with occassional cinematography by Courtney Garvin. 

Exploring the possibilities and materality of language learning, each episode of SVAK | (Weak) follows a different day of the week.  

Ep 1: Mandag (Monday) 
Å Redde Dyrene (Hvilke)
To Save the Animals (Which One)

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Svak 01: mandag (Monday)

Ep 2: Tirsdag (Tuesday) 
Gården er ikke mitt hjem, det er min jobplass 
The farm is not my home, it is my work place 

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Svak 02: tirsdag  (Tuesday)

Ep 3: Onsdag (Wednesday) 
Kjærlighet er mer viktigeren enn fjell
Love is more important than mountains 

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Svak 03: onsdag (Wednesday) 

Ep 4: Torsdag (Thursday) 
Talt Ord
Spoken Word
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Svak 04: torsdag (Thursday) 

Ep 5: Fredag (Friday) 

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Svak 05: fredag P1 (Friday Part I) 

Ep 6: Fredag (To) 
Hvorfor (part 2): Spiser eller Drikker, Du kan ikke gjor begge. 
Why (part 2): Eat or Drink, You can’t do both. 

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       Svak 06: fredag P2 (Friday Part 2) 

Ep 7: Lorsdag (Saturday) 
i Norge
In Norway 

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Svak 07: Lorsdag  (Saturday)